spageti u umaku od kapule i incuna


(INGREDIENTS) 350-400 g spaghetti 3-4 large onions , moon shaped sliced Salted anchovy or sardine Parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper


Heat the olive oil over medium heat. Once heated , put into the mix onions and with occasional stirr leave it for about an hour (By need pour some hot water). The onion should turn into a soft sauce . If you are using sardines make sure you first rinse the salt off  and carefully filet them. If you have bought fillets you should be able with some oil on a kitchen paper to clean them and finely slice them. Depending on your own taste take between 8 to 10 sardines. Add anchovies when onion has become well softened and stirr for few minutes on low heat. Season them with salt and pepper and add into the mix parsley. Cook spaghetti, dry it in colander and stirr it with your sauce. Your meal is ready to be served.


This is a venetian traditional meal and is served on Christmas eve, Ash wednesday and Good friday. It can be prepared with various sorts of pasta. Following the original recipe , Venetians have been using bigoli- bigger and thicker spaghetti-that can be found in many sizes and shapes( depending on the type of the flavour )


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