sabljarka na sicilijanski


(INGREDIENTS) 4 Swordfish steaks (thickness cca 2 cm), 2 dl of olive oil, 2 dl white wine, 2 green onions, 2-3  laurel leafs Coarse salt (sea salt), Grain, black pepper, oregano



In a shallow dish combine  olive oil and wine (with a fork or an egg-beater) to make a marinade.

Rinse your  swordfish steaks with water,  then carefully dry them with kitchen paper and put them into an appropriate bowl.

Coat your steaks with the marinade and add chopped green onion ( half moon shaped),  laurel leafs and  sprinkle lt with salt and pepper  crushed in the mortar (do not make it too small).

Cover your dish  with an aluminium foil and allow it to rest for around 3 hours in the fridge.

3 hours later take swordfish steaks out of  marinade ( remove chopped onion and laurel leafs) , carefully roll both sides  into oregano and cook for 5 minutes ( both sides) on a grill skillet.

You may now serve it with any side dish you desire – chips,  zucchini, polenta etc.


photo: M.Matković



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